On 13-Jul-2000 Mo DeJong wrote:
> This happens because I have a DVD in the drive. My question
> is, why does freeamp keep trying to access the CD? It seems
> like it should give up after a couple attempts. This is
> really lame under Linux because this msg gets sent to
> all my console terminals over an over again. I am sure
> how you can see how that would make it hard to use
> the computer :)

It's polling the cd for changes so that the tree in the browser is updated
automatically..  It's not doing anything but asking for the layout of tracks
on the disc.  No better way to do it, really.  If you're getting kernel
messages from it, I'd recommend upgrading to a newer kernel w/ better dvd

Or, if you don't use the CD playing capabilities, you could just remove cd.pmo
from your plugins dir, and it'll quit polling the drive.


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