On 23 Aug, johnn wrote:
> i don't know if this is off the mark but is there a delphi component(object) that i 
>can use to make it easy to create a simple mp3 player?
> where else can i look for a component like this?

Yup, check this out:

    From: Kei Ishida <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 Subject: Thanks! FreeAmp is great and has cool engine.
    Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 17:49:50 +0900


My name is Kei Ishida.  I made GPLed Delphi component "MP3Player" and
released it. It can play MPEG Audio file. I'm using FreeAmp's decode
engine in my component. Thank you for great and fast open source:)

If you have an interest in my component, you can get it on 
Delphian World(http://home1.infonia.ne.jp/~delphian/delphi/index.html)
It's most famous delphi component library page in Japan.
I'm sorry to write my component document in Japanese.


Kei Ishida

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