hmmm. we already have id3v2 parsing as a metadata plugin. it would be nice if
the http plugin could interface with it... when we redo the plugin architecture
for 3.0 (<grin>) we should thik about a good way of dealing with this type of


Sean Ward wrote:

> > How would httpinput feed the title back in the freeamp object module?
> > It looks like the the FreeAmpTheme class needs to eventually be called
> > to draw the title.  Is httpinput even the correct place to put the
> > id3v2 parsing?
> > I stared looking through the plugin API a bit, but not enough to
> > figure this out.  I'll keep reading the code.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Mark
> Depends where/how you inserted it. The way to pass the extracted title back
> (to display on screen) is (correct me if I'm wrong Robert or Isaac) to send
> an INFO_StreamInfo event after you parse the metainfo from the stream. Take
> a look at the TitleStreamServer code to see that in action (just search for
> INFO_StreamInfo).
> -Sean
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