On 03-Sep-2000 Greg Rumple wrote:
> Just wanted to drop a note to the list, saying that I am new to freeamp
> as of today, and after a few hours today have successfully ported it
> 100% to FreeBSD (I started out with a few beta revs ago, and than found
> that 2.1 beta 8 had preliminary support for FreeBSD), and after a few
> more modifications (plus chasing down a really ugly, almost impossible
> to debug (had to resort to commenting out code 1 line at a time until I
> isolated the line that was causing the problem, since gdb with dynamic
> loaded modules, and threads wasn't exactly making it obvious that I was
> blowing the stack) error in cddb.cpp, well not really an error, just a
> large struct being allocated off the stack at runtime, instead of being
> malloc'd) have what appears to be a very functional copy of freeamp.  I
> will be submitting patches to what I have changed (mostly minor things),
> as well as will probably write a freebsd port of it.
> So if I'm duplicating any work anyone else has done as well, please feel
> free to contact me.  I'll give you any assistance you want.

Wow, excellent, send patches =)  I'll be happy to commit em into CVS.


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