On Thu, 7 Sep 2000 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> On  7 Sep, shren wrote:
> >   Everyone else - sorry to use the list to find someone whose email I
> > lost, and thanks again for the great player.  One question
> > though.  Freeamp doesn't seem to play wav files.  Is this on the
> > agenda?  I could probably code it myself, if not.
> Its been on my agenda for weeks. But, I keep finding that I've got so
> many other things to deal with. If you'd like to do it, I'd be more than
> glad to accept that patch!

  Only two issues.  First, I only know how to do it (now) for
Windows.  Second, FreeAmp has so many different projects I am sometimes a
bit dizzy on where to start changing.  But, I will add it to the list of
things to do in my copious free time.  *chuckle*


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