Two down, alot of segfaults to go....

I have seen a number of additional segfaults, but I have not been able
to reliably reproduce one yet, so I am temporarily stalled (that and I
had no free time this last weekend).  Mostly I am mucking about in the
music browser when freeamp dies.  Is there any clear documentation
anywhere about what is running in what thread?  Just a paragraph or so
of explanation would do.  If one of the segfaults comes from
dereference a NULL, then I may just have to add strict checking of
pointers in each function to catch it in the act.  By the way, are we
all creating different debugging macros to help trace the code?  If
so, couldn't we just check in a version with macros for the strict
pointer checks (setup to compile to nothing by default) ?  Also, I did
not notice any standard for handling errors/exceptions.  Is there any?

Enough talk, tomorrow I'll hammer on freeamp till I get a lead on one
of these crashes.


When I have more than a few songs loaded in the music browser or the
playlist, I want to be able to say "Find all the songs matching foo"
as a quick navigation system.  I actually wrote a simple helper
application that does this with xmms. ( see xmms-gtk-playlist at ).  Is there any plan to add
a search feature?  If not, then I could design and implement it.


I noticed the memory footprint was about 27MB (which includes shared
libs).  The footprint of xmms with the same playlist was about
8MB. These are rough numbers, but the difference is large enough to
prompt me to ask on the mailing list.  Any comments on how possible or
desirable a smaller size would be?

Chris Kuklewicz

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