On Tue, Sep 26, 2000 at 09:18:40PM -0700, gunnm wrote:
> I have the current stable version of freeamp, 2.0.8, and I
> think the program rules!  No really, it is way better than
> winamp, I am very impressed.  I think you need to improve
> your "marketing" though, since I just heard about it
> recently from a slashdot post and would have used it a long
> time ago if I knew it existed.
>     On to my question.  I cannot seem to stop the title
> from scrolling repeatedly during song playback.  Is there a
> way to stop the scrolling that I haven't figured out?  I
> find it very distracting.  If it isn't possible now, would
> it be difficult to implement?

Sounds like a nice feature.  I am so twisted up chasing segfaults
(that I created) that I forget if the current beta has that switch.


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