When looking at an old playlist, with an old bad http entry,
the words "timed out" were sent to the terminal, and a window
popped up reporting the error, then freeamp exited.

The only "timed out" string in the code is in HttpInput::Open
and this is the problem (from my Doxygen pages):

In /freeamp/io/http/httpinput.cpp :

00571                 if (conattempt > 50)
00572                         {
00573                     cout << "timed out\n";
00574                     ReportError("Host not answering: %s", szHostName);
00575                     closesocket(m_hHandle);
00576                     return (Error)httpError_CannotConnect;
00577                         }

The calling function must be exiting freeamp...I am still tracking that
part down, if anyone can fix it faster....be my guest....

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