On 24 Oct, Scott McCaskill wrote:
> Right around line 507 is the following code:
> file = string(strchr(m_path + 7, '/'));
> Problem is, this blows up if m_path is something like
> "", since strchr is returning null and the string
> constructor doesn't like that (on windows anyway).  I worked around it like
> this:
> const char* address = strchr(m_path + 7, '/');
> file = (address ? address : "");

Thanks for catching this. I haven't run these changes on windows yet.

> I'm at a loss as to why I didn't see this problem last week, when I was
> doing the exact same thing (playing a stream).  Oh well..

It looks like you're updating from CVS. Late last week I was tweaking
with the proxy support and changed those lines of code.

> Incidentally, I've been looking at the code because I want to see if it's
> feasible to augment the stream-saving functionality so that songs will be
> saved in separate files and directories according to artist and song title.
> I don't even know yet if this is doable (if the server provides enough info)
> but I figured I would take a look.

We've already received a patch to do this, but the user interface
elements are still missing from this patch. We're getting really close
to 2.1 and I'm not likely to include this in the 2.1 series. However,
I've created a branch and checked this patch in, so anyone that cares to
play with this patch can do so. In order to get the CVS code with the
splitting stuff, do this:

cvs -z9 update -rhttp_split_branch


cvs -z9 co -rhttp_split_branch freeamp

Thanks to Arne Janson for writing the first version of this stuff.

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