hjP> I am studying Freeamp and I have some questions.  

hjP> If I find a bug report that is already resolved, how can I find the part of 
Freeamp source related to the bug report?

hjP> I tested Freeamp 2.0.8 on Windows ME before.
hjP> Just after exiting from freeamp, fast execution icons and Explorer icons had 
hjP> But with Freeamp 2.1.0, I don't have this error on Windows ME. 

hjP> Who fixed this problem? what is the bug report number?  And in which module can I 
find the fixed part of Freeamp source? 

Well... it's never easy, even if you're using most advanced
configuration management system.

1) if coding guidelines says that every change in file must be tagged
and described somewhere in file's header, problem would be solved -
somebody would just search source files for certain keywords until
they find the line.

2) we have got CVS with some short descriptions of checkins. if you
search checkin messages, you might hit the one that says it fixed ME

3) we got bugzilla. it is possible to search in bugzila. you might
find the bug (if it was reported) and read it's history. if it was
fixed by attaching a patch to it - you just examine the patch.

yeah, too bad coupling between CVS and Bugzilla is very loose, at best
you might get Bugzillas bug id in CVS checkin message and that's it..
but this has some advantages, yes.

Valters "WaTT" Vingolds


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