Note, this only occurs in freeamp classic theme.  I have tried it with the 
freeamp (default) theme and there is no problem seeking or stopping any kind 
of file.  

first off let me just say how i encoded these files.   Lame has two vbr 
encoding methods.  --vbr-old and --vbr-new.   freeamp (latest cvs) 2.1.1 
seems to play, stop, and pause the --vbr-old encoded files fine. Although it 
cant seek  in them very well.  using --vbr-new freeamp cannot do anything 
once you hit play, it seems to lock up once you try to stop or pause or do 
anything to change the current playing of the track.  It will continue 
playing but will remain in this unreactive state.    I have no idea why this 
is theme specific but it seems to be as the problems disappear once changing 
it to the default theme. 

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