I believe the .tgz file you are referring to is the html help files. there are SOOOOO many of them and they change so little that we just tgz'd them rather than put them all in there individually.


Fabrice Bauzac wrote:

Sorry for disturbing the mailing-list for that, but it seemed very
weird to me that some binary files were present in the CVS. The
repositories I have browsed so far all had no binary file (except for
some short-term amateur projects).

On Sat, Aug 04, 2001 at 01:15:33PM -0400, Isaac Richards wrote:

On Saturday 04 August 2001 10:29 am, Fabrice Bauzac wrote:

The freeamp CVS repository erroneously contains at least one .tar.gz file. 
Since CVS is meant for text files only, this is an error; please remove it
from the CVS (and maybe put it somewhere else)...

Eh?  It's not meant for text files only.  It's a version control system, 
you can slap whatever you want there.

Alright, it can handle binary files, I know... But CVS hasn't been
designed for that.

CVS is useful because updates don't take too long, because only
patches are transferred over the network. Since modifying binary
files don't generate small patches, but rather the entire file is
copied again, CVS isn't as useful as it could be...

But in fact, in some cases, where binary files are really dependant of
the source files, it is useful to have them in the CVS.

So my question becomes: "are the binary files and the source files

Sorry for any disturbance...

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