On Sunday 30 September 2001 00:22, safemode wrote:
> On Sunday 30 September 2001 00:01, you wrote:
> > Does freeamp require some cvs version of libmusicbrainz that wouldn't be
> > found in debian testing?  I'm getting a MASSIVE ammounts of linking
> > errors in the configure test program.  2.1.1 was the last version of
> > freeamp i could get to compile with libmusicbrainz.
> it seems a cvs version of musicbrainz fixed it.

Spoke too soon.  It fixed the configure program compile errors.  but freeamp 
still errors out. I tried the cvs and 1.0.0 tarball of musicbrainz.  Same 

base/aps/apsinterface.cpp: In method `int 
APSInterface::APSFillMetaData(APSMetaData *)':
base/aps/apsinterface.cpp:178: implicit declaration of function `int 
base/aps/apsinterface.cpp:250: implicit declaration of function `int 
base/aps/apsinterface.cpp:256: `MBQ_ExchangeMetadataLite' undeclared (first 
use this function)
base/aps/apsinterface.cpp:256: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only 
base/aps/apsinterface.cpp:256: for each function it appears in.)
base/aps/apsinterface.cpp:153: warning: `int ret' might be used uninitialized 
in this function
make: *** [base/aps/apsinterface.o] Error 1


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