Cool; one last note. I've been using the dreaded XP at the office, and I
started reading some of the MSDN documentation. Apparently, for a
relatively self-contained application like this, it's fairly trivial to
implement support for the new XP Visual Styles... essentially, you need
to add an xml manifest file, edit the resource file, rebuild and you get a
binary that uses the v6 comctl widgets under XP and v5 (standard
widgets) under 2k/98/95/NT. 

So, full forwards and full backwards compatibility; and the XP Visual
Styles /do/ like kinda pretty.

It might be a nice thing to add to the release. Here's the page:

I'm trying to get it working myself, but my screwed up VC++ 6
environment is giving me a headache ;)


On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 06:32:09PM -0800, Robert Kaye wrote:
> Paul seyz:
> > Hmm... seems ok, except it looks like it was built with debug DLLs... it
> > pops up two errors looking for the VC++ 'D' DLLs... other than that,
> > seems good.
> Happens everytime. Sigh. I put up another build that should hopefully take
> care of this problem.
> Please download the latest installer again:
> Thanks for checking it out!
> --ruaok
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