I'm a Linux user of FreeAmp who's been really impressed by the potential
for the program. However, it continually seems plagued w/ bugs which
makes XMMS seem the much better choice for day to day audio use.

Well, I'd like to take a stab at fixing some of FreeAmp's bugs that
annoy me the most. Particularly, the signaturing process seems to
destroy the metadata previously associated with files. (Again. I seem to
remember reporting this bug a year ago and seeing it fixed.) So, I'd
like to see that fixed. Also -- as an interesting C/C++ exercise -- I'd
like to combine FreeAmp's playlist manager (particularly the "SoundsLike
Recommendation") with XMMS's limited playlist capabilities.

If anyone could direct me to which files in the source tree I might want
to look at I'd appreciate it a lot. Please don't expect patches to flow
quickly - this is more of a spare time hobby than anything else.
However, I do hope to contribute something eventually.

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