Hi all,

I'm trying to use freeamp instead of winamp to listen to streaming audio. I am,
however, behind a proxy/firewall, and it requires authentication (user/passwd)
which I can't find a way of giving.

I have specified the proxy host and port in the freeamp options, and I always
get the message "Proxy authentication required" or something like that (I'm on
Win2k). In winamp I was able to use a syntax like user:passwd@host:port, doesn't
freeamp have anything similar (I tried, got 'invalid URL') ?

I must say I've grepped for 'proxy' in the source, and from what I've seen,
there is no way to specify user/passwd. Any suggestions on how to get around
this ?

Sorry if this is more of a user question than a developer one, there doesn't
seem to any user forum for this.


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