How different is the packaged source from the website (2.1.1) and the cvs 

Are there plans to use some type of documentation package, like 'doxygen', to 
document the api and utility functions?  I have used this before with much 
success and satisfaction.

As I read through the source I find myself making notes.  If i were to spend 
this time documenting the source everyone could benefit from this effort.  I 
am not offering to document the entire thing, but setup the framework for 
doxygen (as i know how to do this) and contribute a few of the parts I get 
to.  It would be simple for others to add more docs later..

However is this worth while applying to 2.1.1 source?  might I rather use the 
cvs source?

Is this the proper list to ask such questions?  There is rather light traffic.

Thank you,

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