Thanks for your help guys but it didn't work:(  I added the path to Tools/Options/Directories/Include and even made it the first one to look into when compiling but it still didn't work at all!  I still receive the same error.:(  Also, maybe there is a few other questions someone can answer.  Here they are if anyone can answer them :
1) Is there any documentation that explains what each project does, like which project decompresses the MP3 and which one plays the decompressed music?  Or do I have to kind of trace through the code to find out for myself? 
2)  Does anyone know any good doc's on the MP3(mpeg layer 3) format?  I've been looking on the net and there isn't really anything good on the compression of the MP3. 
3) How does FreeAmp turn the dll files into something.ppp and something.ppo and what's the benefit of doing this?
4) I am new to MP3 formats so let me make sure if I get the terminology correct.  when you turn a MP3 to a wav format, the conversion is called decoding and going from wav to MP3 is called encoding.  What is it called when you decompress the file to play the file, is that just called decompressing?
5) My last question is this, where can I find a place on the web where it will explain some of the terminology I've been reading when reading about mpeg's?  
  If anyone can help me thank you very much!!!
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I am not sure but you probably have to specify in the Tools/Options/Directories/Include folders of Msdev where you installed/unziped the sgi stl for msdev to find what it needs.
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Hello everyone.  I've just downloaed freeamp 2.1.1 and tried to compile it using Visual Studios 6.0 SP 5 with the newest Platform SDK.  I've also downloaded and installed the Win32 port of the SGI stl from: and unziped it to ..\freeamp-2.1.1\base\win32\include and then ran the utility.exe(not sure what exactly this does?).  I started the freeamp.dsw workspace and started building the debug build, which went fine from fabaselib through misc and recieved an error when compiling MakeTheme project. If anyone know why I'm receiving this error would really appreciate it a great deal.
Here is the error Below :
-------------------Configuration: MakeTheme - Win32 Debug--------------------
Performing Custom Build Step on ..\..\..\..\config\config.win32
        1 file(s) copied.
Compiling resources...
c:\temp\freeamp-2.1.1\ui\freeamp\src\themezip.cpp(197) : error C2065: 'min' : undeclared identifier
Error executing cl.exe.
freeamp.exe - 1 error(s), 19 warning(s)

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