About my message yesterday. I am not asking for your help in order to cheat.

I am trying to do my project myself, but need a bet of help to understand 
the code.

I have never worked with MP3s and my supervisor suggested that I get help 
from the Developers.

I just need to understand the structure of the buffer that is played. 
Because when I modify it the program crashes.

Does anyone have the specification or can explain to me how the buffer is 
built up.

I am trying to compensate for pitch by sampling. i.e playing some samples 
and leaving out others and stretching the played samples. In order to do 
this I need to understand the structure of the buffer. Any help regarding 
this matter would be appreciated.

If you need further explanation please get in contact with me because I know 
I haven't explained it very well.

Thank you very much.


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