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Various  information   about  the  status  of  the   project  and  its

- We got  a discussion during  the last week about  the classification
  type[1] available in  the Andria Archiving System. I  have added two
  types (the  two types with  less discussion ;-) :  Geographical work
  and architectural work.  If you see more type, to  add. Feel free to
  add them in  the wiki or to  discuss them in this list.  The type is
  only used for the initial  classification in the base substrate (the
  Andria-ID).   Other  classification  can   be  used   after  initial
  registration but this is another story.

- Legal structure.  Now, the project  is kindly legally hosted  by the
  ASBL  Association  Electronique Libre  (AEL).  This  is a  temporary
  (long-term ?) situation in order to find the correct legal structure
  for an international Free Archive. Discussion around the possibility
  for making  a foundation in  Luxembourg was possible but  also other
  approach can  be considered. (We have  to create a page  in the wiki
  about  that) Finding  an international,  flexible and  secure enough
  legal structure is not simple... If  you have any idea, feel free to

- Technical  infrastructure.  Now,  the  project is  quite  small  and
  technical hosting  is not too much  an issue. But before  the end of
  the year, we  have to found a permanent  structure that could kindly
  host   the   technical   insfrastructure   with  a   good   internet
  connectivity. If you have any idea, feel free... 

- Software Engineering (a  big word for nothing ;-).  The design phase
  of the storage  system has started. We have  clear objective of what
  we want :

   - A  simple interface  to  a distributed  filesystem  of the  local
     archiving  system. (The  local  archiving system  is the  initial
     store of archived works not the mirrored information)

   - The  distributed  filesystem should  NOT  be  linked to  specific
     Operating  System and  should run  on  any decent  Free OS  (from
     GNU/Linux to *BSD). 

   - The distributed filesystem should use (at the maximum extend) the
     existing Internet protocol without any non-free extension. 

   - The Andria software  should handle the various hosts  part of the
     local  archiving  system.  Handle  the backup,  the  distribution
     (following  the Andria-ID  ?) accross  the hosts  and  the broken

   - The  "most" similar  software  is the  archiving software  behind
     Google or Mnogosearch but for perpetual information. 

I'm sure  that I'm forget something  after the different  talks we got
during FoSDEM. You  are free to participate in the  area that you love
more... Any ideas, critics...

Thanks a lot,



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