The subject is not well-defined. It seems the conference is for
museum, an organisation that show art and objects to the public. But
it could be different when we see some topics we can perhaps choose:
- Organizational strategies -> Content management (FreeArchives is a
system that manage content but not a "CMS" like Post-Nuke or Spip)
- Organizational strategies -> Metadata management (FreeArchives needs
metadata to organize documents but these documents are not quite
"museum documents" like in Le Louvre, e.g.)
- Technical questions -> Development tools and processes (FreeArchives
is under development ; one can tell the story of this development)
- Technical questions -> Standards and protocols (FreeArchives relies
on free software, open standards and protocols ; the subject could be
broadened to general documents, cultural heritage, etc.)
- Technical questions -> Interfaces and beyond (FreeArchives uses a
web interface for its communication with human, but also other kind of
interfaces between modules ; but I think they mean stuff like VR,
multimedia interactions, etc.).

Since proposals for paper must only explain in >=1 paragraph what will
be written in the final paper, we have nothing to loose by writing
something.  Can we propose a single paper with many topics?

One last thing we can do: if FreeArchive will be (nearly) ready in
April 2005, we can propose a demonstration "only". It will have less
impact, doesn't require to write a paper but require that someone will
have to go there.


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