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> Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 08:09:21 -0600
> From: Thomas Krichel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: [OAI-general] OAI5 - 2nd call for posters
> The OAI5 Organising Committee is welcoming poster submissions for the
> 5th Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication at CERN in
> Geneva, Switzerland, which will take place from Wednesday 18th -
> Friday 20th April 2007. The deadline for submissions is 31st January
> 2007.
> Please consult the conference website for more information:
> http://cern.ch/oai5
> Posters are invited on projects directly related to the themes of the
> workshop and decisions on acceptance will be communicated during
> February. Further information is found under the call for abstracts
> link on the webpage:
> http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceCFA.py?confId=5710
> The agenda for the workshop is also now available:
> http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceOtherViews.py?view=standard&confId=5710
> The OAI series of workshops is one of the biggest international
> meetings of technical repository-developers, library Open Access
> policy formulators, and the funders and researchers that they
> serve. The programme contains a mix of practical tutorials given by
> experts in the field, presentations from cutting-edge projects and
> research, posters from the community, breakout discussion groups, and
> an intense social programme which has helped to build a strong network
> amongst previous participants. The event is almost unique in bringing
> together these scholarly communication communities and is proud to
> continue this tradition with the OAI5 workshop in 2007.
> ********************************************
> Thomas Krichel http://openlib.org/home/krichel
> On behalf of the OAI5 Organising Committee http://cern.ch/oai5

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