If we can't get it for free we try to find it cheap...

Before you begin to buy or sell something I suggest you do your research.

eBay has a fairly new FREE feature for buyers & sellers to do research.
Check it out today...  http://tinyurl.com/s4cgl 
1.  Once there click on "sell" (near the top) 
2.  Then click on "Prepare"
3.  Then click on "Research"
4.  Then click on "Completed Listing" (in middle of the page)
5.  Then enter what you are researching. 
6.  IMPORTANT:  Before you click search be sure to check the box 
    to "search completed items"
7.  Click on "Search"

What a great new tool for sellers-
see what the item you have has sold for recently!

If you are looking to buy-
it can help you to not spend more than you need to... 
I just won an auction and I searched completed listings 
to see what the avg. sold price was and it saved me $25!!!!
Go ahead and sell something or bid on something...you just may win!
(I made the address a tinyurl so all could open)
Hope this helps you to make and save some money!

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