Hello i am having another baby and the 2 youngest will barely be a 
year apart. I didn't plan on having another so I had given away all 
my stuff that was for a little baby up to about 6 months old. All I 
have left is the crib, changing table, playpen, some toys and my 
son's clothes that fit. Since I gave the stuff to a non profit org, 
I'm not able to get any of it back.

I need all kinds of stuff here is what I am mainly looking for:

~Travel swing
~sling style carrier (like the nojo w/o the padding)
~infant car seat carrier
~winter car seat cover
~travel bassinet (the small kind that is low to the floor)
~playtex bottles in good shape (I can get new nipples if need be)
*my son is already off a bottle and onto a sippy cup.
~any unisex clothes like socks, onsies and sleepers (we don't know 
what this baby is)
~ANY other baby items that would be helpful. 

I'm so frazzled over this that I'm beside myself at the moment. I 
can't even think of what all I am going to need. Luckily my aunt 
gave me a double stroller that someone in her church thought I could 
use. We really weren't expecting to have a 3rd child and since space 
is extremely limited in our home we need the small version of stuff. 
I've spent the last few months try to get some stuff for the baby 
with no luck at all. With 2 kids already and we live on a very 
limited income it is hard to just go buy all that stuff over again. 
I thought it was a good thing to purge my tiny house of the unused 
baby stuff and donate it to someone who really needed it , LOL now 
that someone is me again! There is such a waiting list for that 
organization that they told me it may be a year before they get down 
the list to my request. Hopefully by the time the new baby is ready 
for the crib I'll be able to either find another or take my son out 
of his. Please let me know iif anyone has anythng.  would be willing 
to pay reasonable shipping costs or pick them up if its within a 
reasonable distance. (I liive in Western PA about 30 mi out of 


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