I realize that maybe not ALL of this falls into the baby category but it might 
all fall into the mom category... If not then I apologize for posting incorrect 
items, I'm just trying to get the word out about what I have to give away.  :)

*Books* (conditions range from like new to fair)
(all hardcover)An 8 book set of Disney Baby books.  Each one teaches about a 
different subject (safety, lying, etc).  
(all hardcover)A 3 book set of Muppet Babies books.  Like the Disney ones these 
teach different subjects too. 
(all hardcover)A 4 book set of Disney Small World Library books.  Each one is 
about a different country (Netherlands, USA, Australia, & Great Britain).  
(all hardcover)3 Berenstain Bears books.  
(all hardcover)A 5 book set of AlphaPets books.  Each one covers a different 
letter (I have A-F, missing B).  
Little Elmo's Toy Box board book.
(hardcover)And Then There Were Dinosaurs by Sari Steinberg.  This may have been 
some kind of television show before it became a book.  I guess that because all 
of the pictures in the book are of claymation dinosaurs/surroundings.  
(hardcover)The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Disney Book.  
Big Bird's Guessing Game About Shapes board book.
Dr. Seuss's ABC mini-board book.  
(paperback)The Shadow of Death: The Hunt For A Serial Killer by Philip E. 
Ginsburg - a true crime book
(hardcover)Once Upon A More Enlightened Time (More Politically Correct Bedtime 
Stories) by James Finn Garner

*Other items* (conditions range from brand new to fair)
An Innovage multi function desktop speaker clock.  You can hook your MP3 player 
to it.  
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Mathathon2 Puzzlepets The Mystery of the 
Missing Laboratory CD-ROM
Small (approx. 2" high) wooden stop sign (it went to a train set that we gave 
Purina One Pet Care Kit, booklet and CD-ROM (never used)
Two E-Z flow II 10x20x1 Air Filters, never used, wrong size for our furnace
A Christmas card holder, it's round (wreath-like) with 3 homes, 2 trees, and a 
truck at the top where the hook is to hold it to the wall, it could be used 
year round as it really doesn't have anything that specifically makes it 
A queen size fitted sheet, white with green stripes
A black travel garbage bag, you put bags in it and it has Velcro straps so you 
can attach it to a car seat or where ever you want
Seven small towels for a kitchen - they're stained but still quite useable
Eight baby wash cloths - stained but still useable
Two metal measuring cups - 1 cup and 1/2 cup
A child bath set - has 7 bath balls, 1 bottle of bubble bath and a mesh bag 
with suction cups to hold it all
A set of 4 veggie tales place mats 
A bag of clothing that could be cut up for quilting scraps (the clothing comes 
from my work [a dry cleaner] where they got ink stains on them)

Cub Scout bandana - blue in colour - has some light stains but still very 
Toddler boy size 4 yellow Starter windbreaker - stained around the cuffs but 
still very useable
Toddler boy size 2T orange short sleeved t-shirt, has an airplane on the front 
and says "Aircraft patrol" - front has light stains
Women size XL purple long sleeved top, waffle type pattern knit has painted on 
designs on the front
Women size unknown, probably XL blue-green fleece long sleeved top, has a 
knitted design on the front
Women size 22/24 button down long sleeved shirt, red and light blue plaid design
Women size L navy blue with white star design pajama pants
Unisex size XL yellow tank top, has an alligator in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts 
on the front says "Living la Vida loca Puerto Vallatra"
Unisex size M multicolor stripe shorts (stripes are white, hunter green, navy, 
dark tan/brown, burgundy repeating in that order)
Unisex size XL hunter green sweatshirt, says Detroit Institute of the Arts with 
hieroglyphics above and below the words in white
Unisex size XL gray and red strip long sleeved shirt
Men size 38x32 black jeans

When replying please state when (and where) you can pick up.  Porch pick up is 
available.  Location is at Bogie and Cooley Lake Roads (my home) or M59 and 
Duck Lake Road (my work).

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