Ok so here's the deal....I m 17 years old and on Dec. 20th 2007 I had a 
seziour...(spell check)..yet I am perfectly healthy. My sister which I 
am liiving with was in the hospital at the time delivering her son, So 
come to find out I was 7 months pregnant and had to have an emergency c-
section. Now I swear I had no idea that I as pregnant I had monthly 
cycles and all...Well anyways the baby's father doesnt know and I have 
no way of getting in touch with him.I am not working and niether is my 
sister because she is on maternity leave for another month. I have 
nothing for my baby and I'm in illinois and I have tried everything and 
everybody I can to get some help. I have NOTHING for my daughter and my 
sister has only a few items for her own son so I can't depend on her. 
If there is anyone who can be an angel to Me and My sister or just Me 
if thats what you can do. I really need this help So if anybody can 
help please get in touch with me thanks and god bless!

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