Gather Points™ Offers
Time to shop! Gather Points can be exchanged for offers from participating 
partners. New partners and offers are added all the time, so check back often. 
For the complete list, see link below. From books and CDs to wine, vacations, 
and beyond, you'll find just what you're looking for with one of these 
participating Gather Points partners. 

Members who reside within the United States are eligible to redeem Gather 
Points. Members who reside outside of the United States are currently unable to 
redeem Gather Points for gift cards or cash compensation. Learn more about 
earning and redeeming Gather Points in the FAQs on the site using the link 
Interested in becoming a Gather Points™ Partner?
If you are already a member of gather please invite me as friends so we both 
can earn points!  (You can invite me  or you can join at the link above)
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