Here's the story...  I'm 19 and my husband is 20 and we are having 
our first child, a son, due September 7th. In december my mother 
kicked me out because she didnt like my husband, leaving me homeless 
(at this time he and I were'nt married).  My husband was living on 
the coast guard base in government owned barracks.  I however was not 
allowed to stay there so a co-worker let me stay with her.  Well, 
about a month passed and he was able to get off base housing so that 
he and I could live together (he and I had gotten married after my 
mother kicked me out).  We had a hunch that I was pregnant a couple 
weeks after my mom kicked me out but we were too short on money to 
get a test.  So when we finally were able to get one, we had pretty 
much been positive I was.  We took one anyway (EPT) and it came out 
positive.  We were so happy (still are) but we didnt think of money.  
So now we only have enough money for food and gas...  I was fired 
from my job because I had to stay in the hospital for about 3 weeks 
because of complications with my placenta (now I'm just on bed rest 
so I'm unable to get a job).  So my husband's pay check goes towards 
gas, insurance, food, and bills.  We dont have to pay for rent seeing 
as we're now living in government owned housing.  However, so far all 
we have is a few outfits (like 5 or 6), a crib, some bedding, and 
that's really about it...  All of which was given to us.  If anyone 
can help that would be great!  Thank you!


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