Wow, I can hardly believe it.  Three years old today, June 14th.  It has went 
through many changes in those three years too.  Moving from Yahoo to a new host 
was the best thing that has happened in a while.  I have been at the new 
site since March and it is great!!!  I have everything from baby & kids' 
freebies, Free classifieds, Fundraising, Environmental, Networking, Pets, 
Reward & Affiliate programs, Just for Parents, College & Financial, my Blog and 
more to come.  I have a number of areas of the site now that are alive and 
kicking.  I have been working hard on it since I had to redo everything after 
leaving Yahoo.  I hope eveyone finds it useful.
Teddi's Tip for Today~  I recently stumbled on to a new AWESOME site called 
Squidoo.  I have made many many lenses (pages) about lots of different things.  
I have promoted my website on Squidoo and it has boosted my daily visitor 
numbers tremendously-- my site is now ranked higher on search engines.  I 
suggest everyone check it out.  After you join I will favorite your lensmaster 
profile so I can see all the new stuff you write about.  You can have a lens 
about anything.  The best part is their is a bonus.  You get paid royalties on 
selling own own stuff or other peoples' stuff that is related to what your lens 
is about.  (very cool huh?).  
But, first and foremost I suggest to anyone with a website or anyone who sells 
on ebay to immediately join and promote your site or what you are selling.  
(Remember the more links you have back to your site the higher you are 
indexed on search engines when searched-this is just one way to do it.)  If you 
are interested in making extra money or promoting your site/cause or whatever-- 
after you join search "how to make money, sell stuff, or promote your site 
using Squidoo" and you will find many ways and tips to do it--successfully!  
You will be amazed at how much traffic it will bring to your site and to your 
auctions.  If you decide to join please use the referral link below--it is free 
to join.  After you become a member search "Teddi14" to see all my lenses.  
Definitely give me your comments in the comments area of each lens.
Thanks for everyone's support, suggestions, & visits to my site.  If you have 
not stopped by my site in awhile please do.  I now have a way for you to 
subscribe to my site so you can stay updated.
Happy Birthday to Teddi's Corner!!
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To get a Squidoo lens of your own: 


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