I absolutely hate cleaning the shower!  As a mom with 4 kids, it just
seems to take too long and the smell of any of the shower cleaners
gives me a headache.  That was how I felt until the other day when I
got a free full sized Action Scrubber in the mail from BzzAgent.  The
Action Scrubber is soft and easy, not to mention that it smells great! 
The soap is already in the cleaning pad.  You just wet your shower and
scrub it down.  My shower hadn't been cleaned for 2 months and it took
me less than 5 minutes to get it sparkling!  The fresh, citrus smell
lingered in my bathroom for hours afterward.  I want to recommend this
to everyone!  You can get a $2.75 off coupon here:
And if you want to find out how to become a BzzAgent, too, just let me know and 
I'll send you a referral e-mail.  : )
Have fun!


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