Hey members
we are facing some issues with out toddler boy (2.8 years old). He
refuses to fall asleep alone in his room. Here is the process we go
through every night:
1. turn on all possible lights
2. singing 4 beloved songs
3. sitting there with him until he falls asleep (usually up to 40-60

However the biggest problem is that he wakes up in middle of night and
comes over to our room to sleep in our bed. At this point I am taking
him over to his room, and the procedure of sitting with him repeats, for
about 5-10 times. He wakes up twice or three times a night, which really
"kills" my day. We tried the hard way, the good way, the smart way. He
is very stubborn and can cry well into the night (once we let him cry
from 9pm till 3 am, hoping he'd get tiered - he was exhausted but did
not go to sleep on his own). we have a 3 month old baby so we are
limited in our responses and approaches. My wife works from home on our
online baby store <http://www.spiffybaby.com>
Please help with any advice

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