For all of those that do shadow and mystery shopping, beware of a new 
scam that is now on the rise!

Today I got a letter in the mail claiming to be from "ShadowShopper" 
and I done research because I found it odd that they would send a 
check for the amount of $2,950 to someone that couldn't even remember 
signing up for them. I did sign up, after I got the letter to notify 
them that someone was using them as a scam to get money from their 

I took the phone number it asked me to call, reversed it in 
Came up to be a cell phone for Fido Solutions in Brampton, ON

Then, I reversed the address and it don't exist!

Then I reversed the bank information, don't exist! If it does, funny 
to me don't have it listed.

Then I reversed the phone number that was on the check to the bank, 
guess what? A cell phone to Fido Solutions in Toronto, ON CA and the 
FAX was a landline for an International Telecom.

I want everyone to be aware of this if you do mystery shopping and if 
you don't and are interested in beginning the mystery shopping.

Always check these things before you hang yourself and send money 
that don't exist and you end up paying for it out of your pocket, or 
in some cases locked up!


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