Hello new friends.  My name is Shawna and I am a mom from Santa Monica, CA.  I 
have started a project called "Baby Love" and I'd like to share it with you.  
Using donated items, I put together baby bags for homeless families living in 
shelters.  Since this is a donation based endeavor, here's where you all come 
in :)  I would very much appreciate your help by giving what you can to this 
cause.  In addition to all the "ingredients" that go in the bag, my biggest 
need right now is the BAGS themselves.  Please look over the list below and see 
if there's something you can contribute.  If you'd like to give a monetary 
donation instead, I will use the money to buy the items listed below.  I am 
more than happy to pick up your donations if you live on the west side.  My 
first request for bags is for 3 infant girls (10 mos), 5 toddlers (2 yrs), and 
1 pregnant mama.  With all the stresses of a new baby coming, I can't even 
imagine having the added burden of being homeless.  Let's try to make this time 
a little easier by providing some baby necessities!  Many of us know or 
remember what goes into a baby bag...but if not, here is a list of items that 
would be very useful:
• Baby Bags, Tote Bags or Backpacks! 
• New or Gently Used Clothing and Onesies (all sizes), Sleepers, Socks, 
Booties, Hats, Washcloths, Baby Towels, Bibs, Sweaters, Blankets, etc.
• New Diapers (all sizes) and Wipes
• Nursing Supplies (nursing pads, creams, cover-ups, literature, etc)
• Unopened Baby Food and Formula 
• New Bottles 
• New Baby Toiletries (Shampoo, Lotion, Diaper Cream, Powder, etc) 
• New Pacifiers and Teething Toys
• New or Gently Used Infant Appropriate Books, Toys or Stuffed Animals
• Cards or card making supplies to make cards congratulating the parents and 
welcoming the baby, or a homemade card 
• Anything else you can think of...

You can check through your child's outgrown clothes and toys, pick up an extra 
bottle of shampoo or pack of wipes next time you go shopping, cruise garage 
sales or thrift shops for gently used items, or even contact businesses you 
know of that could donate items.  I'm hoping that Baby Love will catch some 
momentum and grow into something really great...and with your help, that can 
happen :)  Please contact me at shawna.1...@yahoo.com for more information or 
to make a donation.

With sincere thanks,
~Shawna Urbano
Founder of Baby Love

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