Remington Ventures Flips the 1.5 Trillion Dollar Daily
Currency Exchange Market with new technology.

Company Name: Remington Ventures Inc.
Symbol: RMVN.PK
Date: 11 Jan 2006
Current Price: $1.22
Short Term: $2.00
Target Price: $5.00

About the Company
RMVN has been developing new technology for the past 12 months
that will change Forex Trading (Global Currency Exchange)
for the world.

What is Forex Trading?
As a 24 hour market, Forex trading starts in Sydney,
and moves around the world as the day begins in each financial
market, begining with Tokyo, London, and New York.
Unlike any other financial market, investors can respond
to currency fluctuations at the time they occur - day or night.

Here is What the Technology Does
This new software system that automatically renders neural
network predictions from real time data. The system's neural
network input database is designed so that the neural net
actually chooses the instrument to trade as well as the
trade parameters.

A neural network is a software (or hardware) simulation of
a biological brain (sometimes called Artificial Neural Network
or "ANN"). The purpose of a neural network is to learn
to recognize patterns in your data. Once the neural network
has been trained on samples of your data, it can make
predictions by detecting similar patterns in future data.
Software that learns is truly "Artificial Intelligence".

It is only a matter of time before it is released out 
into the investment community and they take it to the moon...
Get in RMVN while it's hot. 

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