On Sunday 02 January 2005 15.39, Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
> Hi,
> a happy new year and best wishes for christmas if you celebrated it.

Thanks for the kind words and a happy new year to you too!

> I've just commited some work I've done to switch to the improved menu
> system. I've created some dummy entries for missing backgrounds from
> the old menus and IMO it already looks significantly more coherent and
> professional than the previous ones. I've held back some changes that
> should be discussed first:

Great, I will look into it ASAP.

> - We'll need a menu entry for getting status data, right now we have a
>   menu point "View status information" for that. How should these be
>   reached through the new menus? Maybe the player stats could be
>   reached though a click on the coins icon, the cargo stats through a
>   click onto the barrels and the wine bottles and the ship status
>   through click onto the crew button? Do you have a better idea?

I attached a picture describing what I had in mind when I created the icons. 

Here are some comments on that:

wealth - accumulated goods - coins, gems.
cargo - show what goods the player can trade on the market.  I plan to make 
icons or small pictures for the goods, too and sketch up the trading screen 

supplies - show what is needed to feed the crew, repair the ship on sea, 
ammunition, etc.

crew - status (health, morale) and listing of the crew - ranks, experience (if 
there will be ever such a thing)

> - We'll need a menu entry for options and game saving/loading. 

game settings - save/load, graphics, sound, network, gameplay related things. 
There could be icons for save/load, gfx, sound, etc.; when the menu context 
changes, all the icons (probably on the left or right pane only) could be 
replaced with icons of the new context.
player status - game achievements, battles lost/won, hearts conquered, etc.
maybe  the wealth could also go here, it's up to you.

> I'd
>   suggest a button in the very right on the bottom blue bar? Other
>   suggestions?

I thought the bottom bar would be useful as a quick log displayer. It could 
display information on "mouseover" events and when gameplay advances. So for 
less important events we could omit popups.

> - If the wooden bar on the right is the navigation bar (for selecting
>   options like "Visit shipyard", "Visit market" "Sail away" and such
>   we'll have cases where there are at least six options (yard,
>   market, governor, tavern, sail away, end turn) and possible other
>   that may be added once gameplay evolves. How should this be handled?

Imagemap: Maybe there could be captions for the items, then I will add the 
shaded backgrounds, like behind the captions "2000". For a first approach on 
the imagemap then you could use these shaded areas as the active ones, so 
mouseover would be fairly easy to implement.

tavern, yard, market, These are on the imagemap already.
sail away - the ship (if it is intuitive enough)
or an anchor (if its not) leave the port and sail away, I could put it on the 
imagemap's bottom right corner to make it more coherent. 
end turn - advance game events. It could be relocated to the imagemap, 
imagemap's bottom right corner. So all these choices will be on the imagemap
governor - either I could create an icon (with a flag, or something, I will 
try to come up with something) or there is some place for a distant building 
with a big flag  or sg. on top of the hills, near the shipyard.

>   We could either split it and have a kind of arrow that switches the
>   two parts or we could make the icons smaller. The latter one may break
>   symmetry with the informational display on the left. What do you think?

I disallow resizing the icons - I tried that and they are losing details and 
does not look so good. They had to be done pixel by pixel and I'm really not 
into that. 
We could either make the panel scrollable or make it  "expandable" or 
"auto-expanding" (covering some part of the imagemap when expanded ) should 
the need arise. But with all the things I suggested above I think it is 
avoidable yet.

> - We'll need at least three GUI elements; a message box, a selection
>   box and an input box. How should they look like? With a wooden
>   style like the rest?

I will create something soon. But yes, wooden style they will be, with 
shadings - or black rectangles, if thats simpler - for the input text.

> I've also update TODO for items that should be done for 0.3, did I
> miss something?
> Cheers,
>         Moritz

Best Regards,


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