kabutor wrote:
> Ok, I have some hours of sleep missing, so yesterday I send an email 
> with a backtrace, that is the new testing I did.
> With last Hastur CVS freebooters works fine, it loads the 3D engine 
> fine, but as with the SDL when pressing ESC it segfaults and get my ass 
> back in console..and the other email is the backtrace..

Did you compile Ogre with the GLX subsystem instead of the SDL one?
You'll need --with-platform=GLX and --with-gl-support=GLX in the Ogre

If you already did so:
Did you run Freebooters in fullscreen mode or windowed? Try the windowed
mode, the fullscreen handling hasn't been touched yet.

If it's really a bug/misfeature in the xlibs (the XRRGetScreenInfo() call)
I'd need a backtrace with debug symbols, the current one is too sparse to
narrow the problem, as all debug info is stripped.


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