a happy new year and best wishes for christmas if you celebrated it.

I've just commited some work I've done to switch to the improved menu
system. I've created some dummy entries for missing backgrounds from
the old menus and IMO it already looks significantly more coherent and
professional than the previous ones. I've held back some changes that
should be discussed first:

- We'll need a menu entry for getting status data, right now we have a
  menu point "View status information" for that. How should these be
  reached through the new menus? Maybe the player stats could be
  reached though a click on the coins icon, the cargo stats through a
  click onto the barrels and the wine bottles and the ship status
  through click onto the crew button? Do you have a better idea?
- We'll need a menu entry for options and game saving/loading. I'd
  suggest a button in the very right on the bottom blue bar? Other
- If the wooden bar on the right is the navigation bar (for selecting
  options like "Visit shipyard", "Visit market" "Sail away" and such
  we'll have cases where there are at least six options (yard,
  market, governor, tavern, sail away, end turn) and possible other
  that may be added once gameplay evolves. How should this be handled?
  We could either split it and have a kind of arrow that switches the
  two parts or we could make the icons smaller. The latter one may break
  symmetry with the informational display on the left. What do you think?
- We'll need at least three GUI elements; a message box, a selection
  box and an input box. How should they look like? With a wooden
  style like the rest?

I've also update TODO for items that should be done for 0.3, did I
miss something?


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