Kabutor wrote:
> I understand, I see the meteosat in the news ;) But thats not a nice 
> solution I think, because those will be different models, I plan on a 
> normal arrow and a windNode->setScale(1,X,1); so it scales in lenght not 
> in height or depth (my english get worse each day :D )

Ok, sounds like a nice solution as well.

> ok, I vote for bigger tiles. And smaller ports. :)

Yes, the size of the ports should become smaller, however the decorations like
palms should probably stay big, otherwise it becomes to tiny.

We could also use smaller heightmaps per tile, I guess even 129x129
provides more than enough detail for the terrain.

> >Other stuff that I want to work on:
> >- Integrate the Seapassage class into the real Freebooters (almost done,
> >but I ran into a little problem, see the "Help" forum for details)
> >
> I see that.. is a shame Cegui is not in ogre yet, because we can add all 
> the menus in freebooters inside the Ogre3D, so you donr really need SDL 
> (only for music maybe) and place some animation or 3D view in the 
> background inestead of the fixed sepia images.. Look what I see in Ogre 
> forums:

Yes, I've been thinking about the same, even SDL_Mixer won't be needed any
more, as I'm planning to integrate OpenAL, which allows us to make use of
spatial sound effects. However, building the complete Caribbean Map has
preference for now.
> "The next major version of OGRE will use CEGUI as its GUI system. We are 
> aiming to have 1.0 released around Christmas, though don't hold me to 
> that as these things do change sometimes Smile The implementation will 
> be exactly the same so I'd suggest to start moving to it now."

I'm subscribed to the ogre-cvs-changes and there hasn't been a commit
of cegui yet, only the removal of the old GUI system.

> I think Im going to try to update Azatoth at the moment, we can consider 
> that as minimal req for next version.. Only thing we need is a Sample 
> for the new Cegui system..and Christmas is All Around here ;-)

Let's stay with 0.15.1 for now, current CVS has a rewritten resource
management, which will definitely unveil other unwanted side effects.

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