On Monday 13 December 2004 14.55, you wrote:
> The new gui desing looks nice, but the middle draw, the ships one, I
> prefer to be replaced with the 3D model ingame, but that is not going to
> be able until the new GUI system cames to Ogre3D..

Are you saying that the GUI will become 3D?

> But the icons and in general the style of the graphics is really good :)

Thanks for your compliment :)

The image I put in the middle is just a work-in-progress, little more than a 
placeholder. I would also welcome a more living 3D scene of the harbour (and 
other scenes) if someone could do that. (ships floating, birds flying, etc.), 
I also considered to realize that using 2D graphics (Inkscape SVG), but I 
guess it's B priority .

I will design and submit screen layouts for the rest of the screens as soon as 
I'll have the time. 

Also, I am working on some 2D illustrations now - for which the old graphics 
inspired me. Once they are done I will post them to the CVS. I think we can 
find some place in the game for them (Title and ingame screens, etc.)

Bests, Erno

PS. You should generally post to the devel list, I subscribed to it, it was 
mere coincidence that I sent some letters from the other address. 

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