kabutor wrote:
> >Are you saying that the GUI will become 3D?
> >
> Well, I think so, Moritz should know that better, but when Ogre3D gets 
> integrated in the game, wich is one of the TODOs for next version, is 
> easier to simply remove the sail elements in the screen and replaces 
> them with, lets say a ship in a harbour, or whatever 3D meshes but 
> always with some 2D icons in the HUD or with a 2D frame  like the red 
> one you did..

I've had a deeper look at CEGUi this evening and it's currently not ripe
for inclusion as our main menu system:

1. Right now it's another external tarball to be installed and one with
really excessive dependencies: It required 13 megs of Xalan/Xerces,
another 17 megs of Boost libs and several megs for the already installed
freetype2. This will hopefully be fixed before inclusion into regular
2. Documentation is very poor, there are no tutorials yet, all the demos
are Windows only (some are even w/o src).
3. API isn't supposed to be stable yet, in fact between Mk-1 and Mk-2
the system has been deeply rewritten.

So, the current plan is to have all menus based on SDL (with some
improvement wrt mouse handling, that should not be too hard), with
a switch to Ogre based 3D scenes for sea passages.

Once CEGUI is included in vanilla Ogre and matured, we can reconsider.

I already have a rough prototype for integrating Ogre into the regular
freebooters binary, but I'm stumbling over some problems with the loading
of pre-defined Ogre configs, I'll post an update in the next few days.


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