kabutor wrote:
> Havent tested, Im on 0.14.1, using gentoo but I just use some overlay 
> ebuilds to get latest version of ogre, Im looking forward to 0.15, 
> should be out any moment, they fix some problem with terrainmanager when 
> loading-unloading terrains (like loadings maps), and more than probably 
> we hit that. ... Not sure just something I see in forums..

I have a preliminary selfmade tiling scene manager ready that unfortunately
unveiled a nasty bug in the NatureSceneManager: :-(
When I reload the height map that generates the terrain the whole rendering
disappears. I've no idea what causes this bug and the Ogre maintainer told
me that the NatureSceneManager is deprecated (will be removed for 1.0) and
that I should use the TerrainSceneManager instead, which doesn't have that
reloading bug. So, I'll rework the current scene setup to use the Terrain-
SceneManager instead.
I like the harbour, it'll be integrated once I've switched the scene managers.

BTW, someone send me a link to a new project that collects free media for
open source and free software games:

This seems really nice, maybe you want to submit your models as well.


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