that I should use the TerrainSceneManager instead, which doesn't have that
reloading bug. So, I'll rework the current scene setup to use the Terrain-
SceneManager instead.
Looking forward to see it :)

I like the harbour, it'll be integrated once I've switched the scene managers.
Its more a "preliminar-harbour" than a full one, but I think after we place that in the map we'll see what we really need.

BTW, someone send me a link to a new project that collects free media for
open source and free software games:
This seems really nice, maybe you want to submit your models as well.
I'd see it in happypenguin forums, Grumbel setups that, but it's still a bit "Beta" and my models are a bit crappy ;) , maybe after some freebooters release or after the job in the models is really finished I submit it, not in hurry at the moment.

Also there are some water textures in there, just type water in search engine..

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