"Can't get corners of a null AAB"' failed.
This seems to be a bug in Ogre (Bug 14 in the bugtracking system). It's running 
on r200 based workstation, but maybe this bug is reproducible with a fresher CVS
checkout. I'll investigate this on sunday.
Im making ogre cvs update and now seatravel segfaults, and I cannot test one heightmap I done..

It would be great if you could create five heightmaps like this. I'll work
on integrating the harbours in the tile descriptions next.
Ok. Il try to do it today.
Im trying to fix it with another cvs update, and try to test if height is ok, because when you said that any height taller than 40 is coastal, 40 units of what? In terragear maybe? I try to fix ogre to check it

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