Some specs/ideas for some structure for the 3D ship models:

Every ship, no matter which size is has, should have a top flag.
This indicates it's nationality and whether it's pirating and
shows the direction the wind is coming from.

Movement in the ship is controlled through the helm which controls
the direction of the ship and how far the sail should be able to
expand. Depending on the side the wind is coming from the broom
switches over to either side. This should have a graphical
representation through the boom position.

So, what shall we do with ships that have more than one sail?
I guess it would be overly complicated to control them independently,
therefore I'd suggest to keep them all in sync, no matter how many
there are.

This would leave as with ships with the following subelements / scene

1. Ship body with one to three mastils
2. The helm at the hull of the ship which represents the players
   directional maneuvers (I guess we could even let that away)
3. One to three brooms with sails attached
4. The flag

We could represent damage by removing mastils from larger ships.
In that case the mastils should be independant scenes nodes by

Comments or better suggestions?


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