kabutor wrote:
> Well, I try to understand that, but dont really have it  :) , my idea 
> for the sails, is that only the "broom" sail must control the speed of 
> the ship, even in the big ships, the other ones, the rectangular ones 
> shall only move a little (30º-20º each side at most) but just in a  
> cosmetic way, made more broom sails in between the mastils and that 
> should do the trick.

The question if whether we want to handle the steering of all ships
similarly or if we want to mimic how they're controlled in reality.
I'm not sure yet.

> >>I agree that the helm is not needed. 
> >>
> >It's probably not even visible most of the time. In the inter island
> >
> What you mean with helm? r:-/

Hard to explain, but in Spanish it's a "tímon". Does this clear things up?

> Well, I test some particle effects already in Ogre, and the fire-smoke 
> sample is really fine, you can tune it to be smaller, and with a lower 
> poly count and it looks like fire with smoke and so.

Is there a GPL compatible license on the particle effects? Most images
from the samples are not freely distributable, but I guess these are
not tainted.

> I was trying to do some particle effect in the ship that was two lines 
> like this (imagination required here)
> /^\
> Being:
> ^   -> Ship the two lines / and \ just mark the movement of the ship and 
> it looks easy to do, but didnt manage to look fine. :(

Umm, I fear that I lack proper imagination... :-)

> I build it the other day, it wasnt really complex to build that provided 
> you have the .cfg files and the materials required,

With current CVS there are no more external depencies besides the Ogre
lib itself. It has a Makefile and can be build with "make -f Makefile.3d".

We should use the TerrainSceneManager, which is really neat. But as it
is an Ogre plugin we'll need some more build system foo here.

> but just only see a 
> ship moving fast as hell out of the screen :)

Should be fixed now.

> I see that the CVS as updated so Im going to test it, did you manage to 
> see the code I send you yesterday?

I tried it a few minutes ago, but couldn't built it. I'll check tomorrow,
when I'm more awake.

What kind of Makefile are you using or does it need to be built relative
to the Ogre samples directory? Could you make further work against the
current 3D framework in CVS?

> I made some improvements to that 
> code, added the broom movement, and the wind angle test vs broomangle to 
> check speed, just for testing, I try to start checking cannon fire and 
> collision, you will see a cannonball.mesh soon in CVS ;)

> I try to split the models next week, and setup them in CVS, but Im 
> concerned that Im going to have to redo them later again, because we 
> didnt have a clear idea of what we need.

Let's fix a spec in this thread and stick for that at least until 0.4.
Should be doable.

> Ah! Just before I forget, I redone the wind arrow, but I think is way 
> too small for what you need right?

Yes, it would be nice if it were bigger, but it's not much of a problem
as it can be scaled in the SceneNode.


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