kabutor wrote:
> >Is there a GPL compatible license on the particle effects? Most images
> >from the samples are not freely distributable, but I guess these are
> >not tainted.
> Well, the images are not that complex, for smoke & fire is just one 
> smoke.png needed.

Ah, ok. I've been working on integrating a rain particle effect for the
ingame storm events, for which I recreated the raindrop texture under
the GPL. Will commit it later on.

> >We should use the TerrainSceneManager, which is really neat. But as it
> >is an Ogre plugin we'll need some more build system foo here.
> >
> Why? If you use Ogre, you can use the dafault TerrainSceneManager isnt it?

TerrainSceneManager is a plugin, the standard one, which is similar is a
SceneManager with the EXT_FAR specialization.

> Yep its relative to Samples dir in Ogre, sorry about that.. indeed just 
> only need to add the include to ExampleApliccation.h while compiling, I 
> try to polish that and add to current framework.

Looking forward to it.


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