kabutor wrote:
> >Ah, ok. I've been working on integrating a rain particle effect for the
> >ingame storm events, for which I recreated the raindrop texture under
> >the GPL. Will commit it later on.
> Ill see it, the drops could be smaller, its really tricky to do nice 
> particle effects, I try several to no avail.. :(

Making them smaller is pretty easy, it's just trimming the texture to
be smaller. But the current rather largish drops make it look more
like really thick rain.

A lightining would be really cool, but I have not idea yet, how to accomplish
that with Ogre. Let's do the necessary parts first.

> >TerrainSceneManager is a plugin, the standard one, which is similar is a
> >SceneManager with the EXT_FAR specialization.
> >
> Ah, ok, I already use it, its nice, there is a paginglandscape in 
> ogreaddons that is a terrain manager but in that you can make a map 
> tiled, but I tried to compile it and it always segfault, dont know what 
> Im doing wrong

What did segfault? The Ogre plugin or your test code?

BTW; there will be Debian packages for Ogre soon, so for 0.3 we'll have
fully working Freebooters-debs again.


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