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Hey, this keeps getting better and better, I like the rain effects.
I am working on improved sailing physics and and boom(not broom) and
boat movement.
Hehe, This boom - broom confusion is funny :-D Someone said boom, later broom.. whatever :)
Anyway, check last cvs, there is some boom movement working you can see.

I had a question about realism versus game play.  If the game made
sailing to real it would not be very much fun because it would be to
hard to get anywhere.  But at the same time it should
not be too easy.  Specifically:
Should the boat be able to sail directly towards the wind (normally
Should you be able to sink the boat over if you mess up?
If you ask me, dont know Moritz thoughts, for me the most important thing is that the game is fun, I see no fun in moving from one place to another, just choosing the direction, especially if there are long distances, if the distances are shorter it doesnt matter.

I did run into a problem with the latest cutter-split.zip file.(rev
1.4)  rev 1.3 works fine for me though.
Well, I can almost safely say that is not model fault, because its working here, but the only thing that makes me doubt is that I changed the material file for the cutter, now inestead of cutter.jpg I load cutter.tga, but it didnt have to matter because you just call Custom/cutter in the material in the code, and now it loads a tgs inestead of a jpg, so this line :

Can't assign material SOLID/cutter.jpg

Makes me doubt, anyway, if the model is bad it never segafault to me, I load some borked models I done previously and they never segfault, it loads a piece of crap and thats all, so are you sure that is last CVS? Anyone else having this problem?

You said that If you use 1.3 version works fine, is all in the zip? No loose .mesh in materials or in models directory?

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