Ruhi Bloodworth wrote:
> I'm thinking of doing some work on the freebooters menu UI. Specifically
> - displaying the price and quanity on ship of goods in the select menu

The quantity is already displayed, but it should be labeled as that as
well. Adding the price is a good idea as well.

> - adding a back, or cancel button to all the menu's

Yes, there should be a few menus left where a back button is missing.

> - displaying info about the various ship types when buying or upgrading 
> a ship

Good, we could also provide some prerendered pictures for the different
ship models, as the blender models already exist.

> - hopefully making the menu's look a little better

They should probable have more structure, so that the user can see where
he's clicking. Feel free to improve them.

There are two kinds of menus, the normal one, where the Menu_Items are
placed dynamically and the static one, which is only used for selecting
the harbours on the sea map. The latter one is really gross, as it adds
a lot of code duplication. It's best not to touch the *_static code at
all, as it will be removed once inter island travels are implemented in

As you seem to be a native speaker feel free to change menu labels that
are not appropriate for the English of the 16th century (e.g. I'm not
sure whether shipyard is really suitable for English of that age).

Maybe we could incorporate some of the ideas of,
e.g. by using "Aye" instead of "OK".
> Is this useful ?

Yes, very much.


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