kabutor wrote:
> > distributable). Kabutor, can you create a similar GPL texture to
> > replace my stub?
> >
> I try to.. 2D is not easy to me, I m a bit thick texturing.. :D

Maybe you can create a 3D view in terraform or geomorph and make a
top view screenshot?

> >- The water plane should cover the terrain parts that have an y value
> > lower than 0. I'll have to investigate how to accomplish that.
> >
> move the water plane node -> waternode->translate(X,Y,Z)
> Moves it to 0 in Y axis and thats it.

It's already a 0 in the Y coordinate. The water plane looks different in
the NatureSceneManager (it becomes brighter and transparent). It's not
an issue but actually very nice, as it's a nice way to integrate shallows
(shoals?) in the sea. I'm searching for a way to make the water plane
non-transparent (right now the rain rains through the whole scene).

> >- I used terraform for the creation of the height map. It's really great.
> >
> Geomorph is nice too, no texturing, and you have to match later the req, 
> size by ogre, but is really nice.
> http://geomorph.sourceforge.net/geomorph_en.html

Yes, but it's limited to picture size with a power of two? terraform is
more flexible in that area and it's already packaged in Debian.

> >- We should discuss the scale, i.e. how many square sea miles are covered
> > by one heightmap tile.
> >
> :)

I don't have a solid opinion yet, but I guess something like 6-8 ^ 2 height
maps are needed per degree of longitude/latitude, so it's probably 200-300

> >- We should discuss how we can implement tiling. I think there's a tiling
> > SceneManager in the works in Ogreaddons, we'd have to check to use it
> > or we could implement it ourselves. The classic "Pirates!" had swapped
> > screen contents if one had reached the side of a sea map tile, I guess
> > it would be a nice riminiscence it we would do that similarly. We need
> > a design for our level format, preferably plain ASCII text.
> >
> Id really love to see tiling in the game, makes it much nicer and pro 
> than making it old-pirates-style, but it could be difficult to implement

There's code for a PagingSceneManager in the ogreaddons CVS module, but
I don't feel comfortable with relying on further external dependencies
besides Ogre itself. If we include this specific addon in our distribution
tarball we'll have to deal with breakages against changing Ogre APIs and
so on. Besides that, the PagingSceneManager would need be integrated in
the NatureSceneManager.

I propose to implement our own tiling (as in old school "Pirates!"); we
can still switch to tiling SceneManager once they are available in Ogre
main line. Comments?

Some remarks:
- We need a description for a scene tile, this needs information about
adjacent tiles plus some more information like references to harbours,
hidden treasures, decoration coordinates. I'll write up a little spec
during the next days.

- Tiles have to match. (Obviously; but if we switch screen spaces it's
more forgiving that a paging/sliding scene manager). We'll have a find
a way to ensure proper matches. Maybe with a little script that matches
border lines though the gimp perl module.

> >- We need some additional meshes:
> > * Harbours (preferraby in three sizes to distinguish smaller to bigger
> >   harbours)
> > * Reefs
> > * More decoration?
> > 
> >
> Harbours, I thinked about that, any pic how you wanted? I try to do 
> something this week...

Again, depends on the scale :-)

There should be three sizes:

Large towns/capitals like Port Royale:
- Heavily fortified
- Should be pretty big: Maybe a fortress/palace and a bunch of

Normal harbours:
- Fortified
- Maybe a fortress and a few houses

Small harbours/outposts:
- No fortifications, just a few houses

Each harbour should have a flag that shows the nationality of the port.
Anything else?

> Reefs? a mesh? umh.. ok, Ill try that, looks two points againast 
> 1->Difficult to do nice 2-> A lot of Polys.. anyway I try that..

We can also use terrain information for the reefs (like reserving a
special height map entry for that). It's not only decoration but
a place where your ship can get stuck or damaged.

> About More decoration needs that to be more specific, I done some 
> Bushes-Round-Trees , maybe some Palm Trees were needed, for placing in 
> top of terrain something else? r:-/

Scale :-)

But, some additional plants would be nice, do you have a screenshot
of these?


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